Hospitals / Clinics

Safe Clean Environment It is proven Hosipital are full of infectious substances. And Hospital/ Clinics comes in different sizes and

Cleaning and Desinfection

Commercial Offices

Your Cleaning Problem is Solved Commercial Offices Outsourcing your cleaning department to us and reset assured your facility will be


Clean Learning Facilities For All Education Facilities, Childcare facilities, Daycare Facilities comes in different shape and sizes, with each comes


Guest Satisfaction We can accommodate staff and equipment as necessary to be absolutely certain that whatever cleaning task needs to

Fitness Centers/Gyms

Clean Fitness Center According to a survey conducted by IHRSA – If a gym was considered unclean, customer satisfaction ratings fell


Increased Production We understand Industrial cleaning is different from services provided in a typical office. All of the  Industrial facilities

Restaurants and Bar

More Patrons to Restaurants and Bar A fast paced environment can overload your employees with cleaning needs other than taking

Religious Facilities

FloorMaster Associates clean around your schedule Religious facilities vary from the size of the congregation to building type. FloorMaster associates

Car Dealerships

The Show Stopper Showroom Showroom are more than a retail place, it isn’t just the place where you walk in,

Event Venues

Keep the Party Going So you rented out your venue for the night and you walk in early morning to

Apartment Buildings

We Clean 1 Bedroom Apt 2 Bedroom Apt 3-4 Bedroom Apt Villa House with backyard We clean all above at

Retail Storefronts

Bring the Repeat Business From Retail Store to Franchise Stores to Local Store, all need repeat business and get the

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