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A fast paced environment can overload your employees with cleaning needs other than taking care of your patrons and food standards. A clean restaurant creates an inviting atmosphere, safer conditions and can help in reducing the risk of cross contamination. If the front of the restaurant appears to be dirty ,patrons are likely to assume rest of the restaurant  is dirty and unsanitary.  

At Floormaster Cleaning we promise to clean your restaurant to prevent spread of  of infectious disease, create best impression, assist in health inspection and let you focus of your competency - cook and serve!

  • Customize Plan Tailored to your needs
  • Customize Work Schedule
  • Quality and Fully Trained Staff
  • Clean & Disinfect all areas prone to contamination
  • Full Insured and Bonded workforce
  • Well Groomed and in uniform employees

Once you outsource , you will cook/serve and we will take care of cleaning.