Clean Learning Facilities For All

Education Facilities, Childcare facilities, Daycare Facilities comes in different shape and sizes, with each comes with their own cleaning requirements. It is well known there is a high level of cross-contamination and bacteria/virus breakouts.

At Floormaster we understand challenges that each facilities face when come to cleaning and save guarding their Students, Facilities and Admin Support.

For Education, Daycare and Childcare facilities we promise to clean to best suites your need

  • Customize Plan Tailored to your needs
  • Customize Work Schedule
  • Quality and Fully Trained Staff
  • Safe and Secure measure to clean facilities
  • Clean & Disinfect all areas prone to contamination
  • Full Insured and Bonded workforce      

Additionally our supervisors will perform quality inspections to make sure that your janitorial needs are being met to your full satisfaction; and in the event that you require an immediate response, our reliable supervisors are accessible. We will make sure to clean and , making it a more enjoyable learning process for kids and their parents.